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Evertec launches new ATH Movil contactless payment solution

Evertec Inc. announced the launch of its new ATH Movil solution that allows consumers to make payments by scanning QR codes at participating Evertec retailers, without having the card on hand.

This new feature will allow the more than 1.5 million ATH Movil users to make payments at participating locations, in “an easy, secure, and contactless manner.” It is currently available in an initial phase at more than 200 fast food restaurants and other merchants islandwide.

“As consumers continue to adapt to the new realities of COVID-19, we are offering innovative technology to make their life easier. With the launch of this new payment solution, we continue to strengthen our ATH Movil ecosystem increasing the value for commercial clients by offering consumers the option to pay in their establishments in a contactless manner,” said Mike Vizcarrondo, executive vice president of Evertec’s Payment Services for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

“For consumers, making payments through digital channels is becoming the preferred option,” Vizcarrondo said. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the volumes of ATH Movil transactions had showed steady growth, exceeding their average volume month after month and  now, as economic activity opens up, we are seeing accelerated growth.”

To make a payment, ATH Movil users scan the QR code displayed by the business, wait for the purchase information to appear on their phone, review it, and confirm the payment. Each point-of-sale terminal will have a unique QR code that will be identified so that ATH Movil users can scan with their app and make the payment.

The new solution is available to all ATH Movil users using ATH debit cards from financial institutions that have completed proper certification.

“We’re very excited to be able to launch this new innovative solution in Puerto Rico with ATH Móvil, which will transform the way in which more than 1.5 million people make their payments and allow us to provide thousands of businesses with an easy, secure, and contactless way of accepting payments,” said Gustavo Díaz-Garratón, manager of Digital Payment Solutions at Evertec.

“We continue expanding our offering of value-added products and services for the commercial sector and enhancing the preferred payment application in Puerto Rico. Soon, aside from transferring money to individuals, paying small businesses, making online purchases, and donating to non-profits institutions, ATH Móvil users will also be able to pay at local businesses by scanning a QR code with the ATH Móvil application,” he said.

“We continue adding new commercial establishments every week, and we estimate it will be available by the end of 2020 for every business in Puerto Rico using POS terminals processed by Evertec,” Díaz-Garratón said.

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Author Details
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