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FEMA OKs $4.3M to repair recreational, tourism projects in Puerto Rico

The Punta Maracayo Camping area in Hatillo and the Villas de Añasco resort are getting weather resilience upgrades.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced it has allocated more than $4.3 million for repairs to recreational and tourism projects, including the Punta Maracayo Camping area in Hatillo and the Villas de Añasco resort.

“These accommodations, as an alternative to traditional inns, serve a tourism focused on developing a connection with nature. Our agency is aware of how important it is to support projects that contribute to diverse offerings for Puerto Rico’s social and economic development, while encouraging to value our coasts and natural resources,” said federal disaster recovery coordinator José G. Baquero.

The Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA, in Spanish) has more than $4 million from FEMA for Villas de Añasco. The light poles and part of the infrastructure for electricity and water services will be replaced. There will also be repairs to the administrative offices, the concession stand, the lifeguard area, the convention center, the cabins, the swimming pools and the camping site.

Additionally, hurricane resistant roofs and panels will be installed to strengthen the structures against weather events. Mitigation measures for this project include storm shutters for doors and windows, structure reinforcement with hurricane resistant fasteners and the replacement of acoustic ceiling waterproof tiles in the convention center to prevent mold from water infiltration. 

Meanwhile, the Punta Maracayo Camping area, open to the public seven days a week for around 30 years, has two FEMA projects under the municipality of Hatillo. The attraction includes a water park with waterfalls and pools, huts near the Sardinera beach and an open area with water and power service so that trailers can park.

Punta Maracayo is a municipality enterprise that is supported by its own income. Iit is one of the main attractions of Hatillo, according to the municipality’s planning manager, Dermaly Toledo. Summer is usually the peak period, and everything is usually booked. Punta Maracayo has 16 villas, and its main attractions include a restaurant and the recreational area.

FEMA allocated more than $332,000 for work such as replacing roofs, air conditioners and kitchen cabinets, as well as painting certain areas of the facilities. Hazard mitigation measures include fasteners to strengthen roofs and other measures to protect structures from damage due to strong winds.

The agency also allocated more than $20,000 to replace the contents of the Punta Maracayo hotel facilities: tables, beds, kitchen appliances and televisions, among other equipment.

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