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FindIt virtual platform offers brokers more real estate tools

The Puerto Rican platform seeks to position itself as a leader in online real estate searches.

Puerto Rico’s real estate industry in faces challenges due to several factors, such as the increase in short-term property rentals and the lack of projects in development, to name a few. However, since the pandemic, property searches in Puerto Rico have doubled.

The new real estate platform, Findit, developed by two young Puerto Ricans in 2020, identified areas of opportunity to offer more tools to real estate agents who want to display their properties. In addition, they offer services that help the consumer in the process of finding or purchasing a property.

Findit is a website where people can find properties for sale or rent in Puerto Rico. In addition, they innovate with their platform by offering a new service where they connect buyers and sellers with real estate agents who are ready to help them throughout the process, which can be a complex one. The platform also allows users to save the search criteria so that when there is a property with the same characteristics, it sends an alert to the consumer.

“We created Findit as a solution to solve a problem in Puerto Rico because the list of properties is segmented between different platforms and, in most cases, they do not provide essential information. For this reason, brokers are required to have a minimum of photos and information fields so that the buyer can have an efficient, user-friendly, and complete search experience,” said Jubal Rodríguez, co-founder of the platform.

This platform was developed with the goal of improving the online property search with a modern and easy-to-use website. Its creators have achieved this by offering a good user experience and listings with enough information and photos. In addition, it is a free service for real estate brokers, who currently pay for similar services on other websites.

At present, the platform has 1,024 properties for sale and 69 available for rent. However, they seek to grow this inventory by encouraging real estate agents to list their properties on Findit. In addition, they are the first local platform that has an alliance with RealtyServer Systems Inc, a company that provides most of the property listings in Puerto Rico, facilitating the work of real estate agents.

This local website offers sellers and buyers a secure and easy-to-use the platform to search or list properties online.

Findit is a technology company specialized in searching for properties for sale or rent in Puerto Rico.

Launched in 2020, Findit offers a simple and efficient search experience for users as the listing must provide a minimum of information and images about the property to offer full information to the consumer.

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