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FirstBank donates to 2 nonprofits dedicated to dog adoption, care in Puerto Rico

As part of its commitment to vulnerable populations, FirstBank sponsored the National Dog Day event held by Vivo Beach Club and donated to two nonprofit organizations dedicated to the adoption and care of dogs on the island.

El Foster Club, whose mission is to create a support network to house abandoned animals until they find a home, and OBRA, dedicated to rescuing animals, each received $1,500 to continue their community work.

“It has been proven that pets are a fundamental part of our families by providing emotional support, especially during the pandemic. With these donations, we are supporting the work of these two organizations based in Puerto Rico,” said Charmaine Llauger, senior vice-president of Marketing and Corporate Communications at FirstBank.

Angela Muñiz, a volunteer at El Foster Club, said, “we appreciate FirstBank’s donation because we often agree to help, without being able to, and we don’t want any pets to be left on the street. With FirstBank’s support we will continue our work of finding a loving home for these animals.”

“At OBRA, we continue with our commitment to rescue animals. When we find them, they often don’t have the required vaccines, and we must take them immediately to the vet to begin their healing process, and these costs are high. Thanks to FirstBank’s donation, we will be able to continue our work,” said Giselle Colón, founder of OBRA.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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