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Food delivery app Uva! joins efforts to aid earthquake victims

Puerto Rican company Uva!, creator of the food delivery app, has joined efforts to help residents of the southern area affected by the recent earthquakes.

Through the application or its website, people can buy one or more Uva! Kits, which will the company will deliver in the communities with the greatest need.

There are three alternatives of Uva! Kits that the user may choose from: Fuel Kit, Safety Kit and Essentials Kit. The Fuel Kit groups a selection of non-perishable foods, the Safety Kit contains essential and safety items, and the Essentials Kit consists of personal hygiene items. The cost of each kit will be destined entirely to cover the purchase of the items. The company will deliver the kits for free.

“We have seen the great mobilization of people to help our affected people in the south. We all want to extend a helping hand, and with this initiative, we offer people a transparent, effective and quick alternative to contribute, with the guarantee that their aid will reach the right hands,” said Laura Tirado, CEO of Uva!

The purchase of the Uva! Kits will be available to residents in and outside of Puerto Rico until Jan. 17 and will be delivered Jan. 18.

Other companies like To Go Stores, Windmar Home, PRoduce, Merodea and Guilty are joining forces with Uva! to expand the scope of this initiative.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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