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Foundation for Puerto Rico’s Innovation Center announces 1st Leadership Academy

Foundation for Puerto Rico’s Center for Innovation announced the opening of the admission process for its 1st Leadership Academy, an initiative that seeks to train leaders who are interested in contributing to Puerto Rico’s socioeconomic development.

The Leadership Academy consists of a hybrid program with online and in-person courses focused on strengthening the skills and core competencies of community leaders, small and mid-sized business owners, government employees and leaders of non-governmental organizations.

The purpose of the program is to advance their personal and professional growth, to foster and accelerate projects and initiatives focused on Puerto Rico’s economic recovery.

“The events that Puerto Rico has faced during the past decade have completely changed its socioeconomic reality, requiring new and different leadership skills from all sectors to face the threats and enhance the opportunities that are presented to us today, as well as those that are coming,” said Alexandra Lúgaro, executive director of the Center for Innovation.

“The Leadership Academy was crafted to offer an accessible, relevant, and innovative curriculum that will strengthen and train transformative leaders to promote the development of our archipelago and position ourselves strategically to successfully anticipate and face the challenges of the modern world,” she said.

The Leadership Academy begins July 16 and will consist of a three-month curriculum designed by experts from multiple disciplines, whereby participants will be able to acquire skills and hands-on knowledge on topics such as: design thinking, entrepreneurship, “3D modeling,” innovation, information technologies, human resources, energy efficiency, user experience design, digital literacy, use and management of social media, strategic communication, creative writing, digital marketing, resilience and sustainability, among others.

In addition, as part of the Academy, participants will obtain a digital curriculum that will allow them to learn on their own schedule and can interact and receive feedback from trained mentors in the design and crafting of a Transformative Impact Project.

The workshops will be a combination of online and in-person courses that will be held across several regions of Puerto Rico, Lúgaro said.

To be eligible to participate of the Leadership Academy, candidates must live in Puerto Rico, belong to one of the eligible groups and complete the admission form on or before June 30, 2022, by accessing the following link.

“We invite all stakeholders interested in contributing to Puerto Rico’s socioeconomic transformation and becoming agents of change, to apply for admission and benefit from the Center for Innovation Leadership Academy,” said Lúgaro.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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