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Friends of Puerto Rico collects $30K from diaspora for recovery efforts

Nonprofit organization Friends of Puerto Rico collected more than $30,000 after hosting two fundraising events in the US mainland, one in Miami and one in Washington DC.

The first event was “Shaking for Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic,” which took place at Grails restaurant in Miami, where more than a 100 people gathered.

The funds raised in this activity were for the nonprofit’s Growth Fund, created specifically to help Puerto Rico’s small business owners and farmers recover.  

The other event was “An Evening to Honor the People of Puerto Rico” activity at the Immigrant Food restaurant in Washington DC.

The funds raised at this event, in addition to being directed to support the efforts of Friends of Puerto Rico on the island, were destined to two nonprofit entities that carry out Puerto Rico recovery efforts: Techos pa mi Gente and PRxPR.

Techos is dedicated to the construction of decent roofs and rehabilitation of homes in communities affected by natural disasters, and PRxPR is a humanitarian fund that drives initiatives on the island focused on agriculture and food security, and renewable energy.

“We thank all the people who showed their commitment to Puerto Rico and the sister country of the Dominican Republic in these activities,” said Friends of Puerto Rico President Angelique Sina.

“The spirit of solidarity that characterizes us as a people was felt. Many of us live off the island, but it’s clear that we want to find some way to be able to help our people get back up from a distance,” said Sina.

Sina also mentioned the importance of collaboration and shared mission among those entities representing the diaspora that also seek to contribute to the welfare and development of Puerto Rico.

Other Friends of Puerto Rico collaborative partners at these events were Grupo 21, Opportunitas Advisors, and the Univision Network affiliate in Washington, DC. 

“We’re happy to be part of this effort and we encourage individuals and organizations to continue to support Friends of Puerto Rico as they look for ways to contribute to recovery efforts,” said Javier Cuebas, founder of Grupo 21.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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