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Friends of Puerto Rico receives $190K grant from Merck

The grant will be used to develop the “Dile a tu amigo-Puerto Rico” program.

Nonprofit organization Friends of Puerto Rico, whose goal is to support women and youth on the island, recently received a $190,000, two-year grant from Solutions for Healthy Communities (SHC), part of Merck’s Social Business Innovation Office.

The grant will be used to develop the “Dile a tu amigo-Puerto Rico” program, aimed at educating the population of young people and women about access to health and developing health and well-being habits.

“Through this program, we will focus on general well-being and the development of healthy habits. With community impact events and a strategic digital campaign, the goal is to achieve a multiplier effect with our call to action with ‘Dile a tu amigo-Puerto Rico,’” said Angelique Sina, president of Friends of Puerto Rico.

“With this initiative we will be educating and guiding rural communities in Aguadilla, Rincón, Aguada, Isabela, Las Marías, San Sebastián and Maricao about the importance of achieving a healthier lifestyle. In this way, we aspire to build a lasting foundation of health and well-being, guaranteeing a more resilient future for all individuals in Puerto Rico,” she said.

The announcement was made at the Flor de Loto Montessori School in Ponce, where participants in the SEEDS program focus on youth entrepreneurship and agriculture based on a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) approach aimed at students ages 9 to 12 in Puerto Rico.

“Our Solutions for Healthy Communities program aims to promote equity in access to health care for communities that have historically been underserved by the health system. This program focuses on investing in innovative solutions led by the community, recognizing and valuing the knowledge and power of the communities themselves,” said Juan Leonardo Negrón, director of Public Policy and Communications at Merck Puerto Rico.

“Dile a tu amigo-Puerto Rico” was chosen as the call to action and title of the program to amplify the importance of taking care of not only one’s own health and well-being but also that of their friends and family, the pharmaceutical company said.

As part of the program, each participant will be asked to invite a friend or family member to join them in being more active in their routine health checks, as studies show that patients benefit from having a companion or loved one to accompany them in their medical activities.

A series of workshops will be organized in the targeted communities, covering topics such as the importance of nutrition, physical activity and how to manage stress to prevent diseases. These workshops will also address important information about vaccines.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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  1. Yolanda Ramos May 27, 2024

    Muy bonito. Deberían usar Trabajadores Sociales para ayudar en este programa como en EU. Creo que proveer un referido y ayuda económica,al que al evaluar consiguen una enfermedad que amerite urgencia, haría que este programa sea de mejor éxito. Trabaje en NYC 35 años en estos tipos de proramss/grant por eso sugiero esto. Yolanda Ramos.


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