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Global Wireless Solutions ranks Liberty’s mobile network as Puerto Rico’s best

Virginia-based network testing company Global Wireless Solutions has once again named Liberty Puerto Rico’s mobile network as the best overall on the island, the company announced.

This year, Liberty Mobile’s network also got top marks from the independent benchmarking, analysis and testing company as the most reliable and as the best coverage on the island.

GWS’ OneScore for Puerto Rico, which measures mobile service reliability through network drives around the island, confirmed Liberty Mobile as the best mobile network. In addition to the top overall score, best reliability and best coverage, Liberty Mobile had fewer dropped or blocked calls, plus top marks in voice reliability, overall call setup time, and overall audio quality.

“This ranking confirms that Liberty’s mobile network not only continues to be solid and reliable but it is also the number one network in Puerto Rico,” said Liberty Puerto Rico CEO Naji Khoury.

“Over the past year, and specifically during the last few weeks, we have completed several capacity expansion projects in more than 50% of our network, which has increased its speeds by 33%,” he said.

“We will keep investing in our mobile network to continue providing our customers the best quality available in mobile services in Puerto Rico,” Khoury added.

OneScore is an average that GWS calculates from several network performance indicators such as voice, data, coverage, reliability, speed, and video to choose a market’s top mobile service provider.

The network drive for GWS’ OneScore ranking in Puerto Rico covered 1,271 miles and took place in September 2021. The mobile network had also been deemed the best on the island after GWS’ previous network drive, which occurred last year.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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