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1st phase of PR government’s ‘Assets Map’ unveiled

Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Manuel A. Laboy discusses the components of the government’s Asset Map.

The Puerto Rico government’s main economic development agency unveiled Thursday the first phase of the Asset Map, created to attract new investment, create jobs and promote economic development in different regions of the island.

The tool includes detailed descriptions of some 1,500 properties belonging to the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company and the agencies attached to the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC).

“This public tool simplifies the process of investing because it consolidates in one place all the information that was fragmented in different agencies, so it becomes a one-stop shop,” said DDEC Secretary Manuel A. Laboy-Rivera. “This speeds up the search process and virtual analysis and selection of properties or spaces to do business.”

The Asset Map also includes all hospitals, universities, airports, research centers, ports and industrial complexes, among other relevant information, to promote an investment climate in Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Planning Board developed this platform that provides investors with the ability to preview viable business models in Puerto Rico, said Laboy, who also heads PRIDCO.

Planning Board President María del C. Gordillo said creating this tool was the result of an interagency effort to help boost economic development and facilitate investment in the island.

“It represents a step forward and of global competitiveness, as with interactive maps the public can access analysis tools and geographic data of the island’s various economic and industrial sectors,” Gordillo said.

“In addition, these data are used for social, economic and physical planning processes, using geographic information systems technology and concepts,” Gordillo said.

The second phase of the Assets Map will include all of the government’s properties “to make them more marketable,” Laboy said, and it will provide information on existing incentives and economic activities so domestic and international investors may evaluate and accelerate the process of choosing a specific region.

“This tool will be crucial for entrepreneurs who want to start, expand and export, and to attract foreign investment, because it allows the potential investor to know the specific characteristics and offering various regions; and assess where their business would have the greatest performance in the short, medium and long term,” said Laboy, adding the second phase of the project will take place next year.

The second phase will integrate regional economic development initiatives and will include an inventory of structures, facilities and land that can be used in coordination with municipalities, to maximize each region’s development potential, to benefit citizens and their communities.

To view the Map Asset interested in learning more about Puerto Rico can enter the website.

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Author Details
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