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Gov’t adopts ‘Puerto Rico, All- Star Island’ as new slogan

The “Puerto Rico, All-Star Island” concept will be backed by a $2 million multimedia campaign that starts today.

The “Puerto Rico, All-Star Island” concept will be backed by a $2 million multimedia campaign that starts today.

The Puerto Rico government announced Wednesday its latest institutional slogan, “Puerto Rico, All-Star Island,” to be used by all agencies to promote the island as “one of the best places in the world to invest.”

Featuring a single star, the campaign — which should not be confused with the “National Brand” that the government is legally bound to develop and launch — will represent the administration’s economic development efforts, which will focus on specific areas, said Gov. Alejandro García-Padilla during the unveiling at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

“Today we begin to tell our people that economic development begins with ourselves, it starts by believing in our abilities,” said the chief executive about this initiative, which aims for Puerto Ricans to “become advocates of the opportunities the island offers.”

The plan is based on the following strategies: maximizing resources provided by Puerto Rico’s fiscal autonomy; restore Puerto Rico’s credibility and establish a stable and reliable business environment; stimulate entrepreneurship; and diversify the island’s job sources.

The plan calls for — on a medium term — to strengthen and diversify the island’s economy, leveraging competitive advantages that Puerto Rico has to offer and strengthen the island’s productive base, he said. Similarly, it aims to strengthen the manufacturing, tourism and services sectors.

In manufacturing, the government is offering “significant benefits to companies seeking to return to Puerto Rico and the others looking to set up their operations here,” García Padilla said, stressing that Puerto Rico boasts “a robust industrial infrastructure, great human capital, intellectual property protection and is within a regulatory framework that is part of the federal system, and are the tools we should use to get these companies to establish themselves here.”

In tourism, the governor said it is essential to renew the sector “seeking to conquer other markets.” He emphasized that Puerto Rico’s tourism industry is undergoing a process of “consolidation and diversification that seeks to include other aspects such as medical, cultural, sports and ecological tourism.”

As for services, García-Padilla said the island’s economic development requires directing efforts to pave the way for exporting “our creativity and our ability to innovate, not only of our agricultural production.”

In his speech, he mentioned the areas of financial and legal advisory services, engineerin consulting and construction as “highly sophisticated” and exportable.

The “Puerto Rico, All-Star Island” concept will be backed by a $2 million multimedia campaign that starts today.

During a news conference following his presentation, García-Padilla said this is an initiative of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, which is not associated with the “National Brand” project. He noted that the campaign is being launched because the island can’t wait for the “National Brand” research and studies to be completed.

Attempts to reach tourism trade groups for reactions were unsuccessful Wednesday.

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Author Details
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  1. bluepup August 22, 2013

    The words “all star,” to people in the states refers
    to sports and not investment.


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