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Gov’t procuring vendors to develop geographic information systems tool

The government’s information office is seeking providers to develop a “complete and integrated” broadband Geographic Information Systems (GIS) web tool that allows for data aggregation and an open dashboard to support the Puerto Rico Broadband Program.

Enrique Völckers-Nin, the government’s deputy secretary of Innovation, Information, Data and Technology, said the initiative falls under the Smart Island Program, which he leads.

“This will allow us to visualize and analyze geospatial data related to broadband infrastructure, such as tower locations, network coverage, connection speeds, and other relevant metrics, which help us with planning,” he explained.

“An open control panel will allow users to personalize their experience and access real-time information about connectivity in their area,” Völckers-Nin added.

As requirements for providing their professional services, bidders must have the qualifications and applicable experience in using data in several formats, census data or other publicly available data sets to map and visualize characteristics and demographic data across multiple geographical territories, he said.

They are also required to have experience supporting the development of an integrated web browser-based GIS tool, as well as the provision of GIS services for CCA or electrical or municipal utilities.

“This scope of services provides an overview of the main requirements to develop a complete and integrated broadband GIS visualization tool. The project will require collaboration between a development team and relevant stakeholders to ensure a successful implementation,” he said.

Potential bidders may submit questions regarding this notice via email with “GIS Notice” as the subject.

Proposals must be submitted electronically on the program’s website before 4 p.m. July 7. Services under this notice are expected to begin no later than July 30, 2023, and continue through June 30, 2024.

The Puerto Rico Broadband Program was created in 2022 to oversee and execute strategies to build the island’s broadband infrastructure, using local and federal funds. The program will develop a five-year strategic plan to guarantee the use of funds to close the island’s digital divide, the government said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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