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Gov’t unveils digital access to public information tool

The Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, Manuel A. Laboy, unveiled the Access to Public Information tool, which complies with the disclosure obligations established in several laws.

The digital tool responds to conditions established by the Puerto Rico Incentives Code, the Transparency Law and Expedited Procedure for Access to Public Information and the government of Puerto Rico’s Open Data Law.

The Access to Information tool is part of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce’s website.

“The Access to Information provides, in a simple and free manner, details on the beneficiaries of decrees for services exports, individual investor, medical professionals, international financial entities and the film industry. With this initial publication we promote accountability, citizen participation and control in government management,” government officials said.

For now, the information presented on the website will be updated monthly. However, once the Incentive Code Regulation is adopted, updates will be close to real time, Laboy. said.

In the coming weeks, the government will disclose the beneficiaries of the Economic Incentives, Green Energy, Tax Incentives Act 1998, Tourism Development, and International Insurance laws, among others.

“With this initial publication, as well as with future disclosures of public information on incentives, Puerto Rico approaches national standards that generate greater confidence in the Island as a jurisdiction for investment,” Laboy said.

“In that sense, the Incentives Code seeks to guarantee a relationship between the private sector and the government of Puerto Rico that is based on stability, transparency, certainty and credibility,” he said.

“With this step, we establish the guidelines on the handling of beneficiary information of tax exemption decrees and guarantee unhindered access to public information, protecting confidentiality,” said Laboy.

According to Law 141 of 2019 on “Transparency and Expedited Procedure for Access to Public Information,” those interested in obtaining additional data must make their request in writing, through a form available under the Access to Information section.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


  1. Richard McElroy January 31, 2020

    What is the URL so that we may access the website?

    1. admin January 31, 2020

      Our apologies! The link was included, but apparently it didn’t take! It’s in there now. Thanks for your readership!

  2. Turner Bell February 3, 2020

    Hello there!
    I just read your news update regarding unveiling digital access to public information tool. It’s a great deed by the government. I do support it.
    Thanks for providing these statements.


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