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Greenbriar Capital to build 100MW solar project in P.R.

The company will develop a large-scale photovoltaic system. (Credit: www.solaruniverse.com)

The company will develop a large-scale photovoltaic system. (Credit: www.solaruniverse.com)

Greenbriar Capital Corp. announced Monday its partnership with Atherton Pacific Green of Newport Beach California for engineering, procurement, and construction of the 100 MW “Smart Grid” Montalva Photovoltaic Solar Project in Puerto Rico.

Greenbriar also retained CV Brokerage Inc. as its financial advisor to arrange project financing for the solar project that is expected to produce an estimated at 240 million kwh per year and about $60 million in annual revenues, the company said.

“We’re delighted to have APG join the project. Montalva is a fully integrated large utility scale [up to 146 Megawatt dc – 100 Megawatt ac] solar photovoltaic project with storage and smart grid solution,” said Jeff Ciachurski, CEO of Greenbriar Capital Corp.

“The size and sheer output of this project will be the largest in the Caribbean, providing the citizens of Puerto Rico with a source of inexpensive, reliable, and clean renewable energy for decades to come, offsetting expensive and dirty oil based generation that has been plaguing the island for over half a century,” he added.

APG will collaborate with Greenbriar by providing solar, storage, and smart grid technical oversight. Jane Wu, CEO of APG, said the company will be providing technical peer review and expertise necessary for a solar project of this importance and magnitude to reach completion.

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with Greenbriar on this exciting project. With the best solar irradiation on the Island and available superior technology, the Montalva project is a showcase for both the people of Puerto Rico and the stakeholders of Greenbriar Capital Corp.,” she said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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