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Grupo Guayacán joins Para la Naturaleza to promote environmental conservation

As part of its 25th anniversary events, Grupo Guayacán joined Para la Naturaleza to protect and preserve Puerto Rico’s natural resources.

Through this collaboration and, in honor of its name and the years it has served entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico, Grupo Guayacán planted 25 guayacán trees in La Parguera Nature Reserve in Lajas. And, to boost their impact across Puerto Rico, the organizations will also develop joint program activities, representatives said.

“This effort brings together their shared mission to protect, develop, and strengthen both the entrepreneurial and the ecological ecosystems of our islands,” the nonprofit’s representatives said in a joint statement.

“The planting is part of a reforestation project of Para la Naturaleza, with the purpose of promoting native species and recreational spaces for the use and enjoyment of future generations. The 25 guayacán trees are in addition to another 1,200 that the environmental conservation organization has already planted in the area,” they said.

Grupo Guayacán and Para la Naturaleza have collaborated since 2015, when Para la Naturaleza invested in Grupo Guayacán’s family of funds for the first time.

“Our missions intertwine because we both recognize the importance of conserving our natural resources and caring for our lands to preserve a sustainable Puerto Rico for all. A sustainable Puerto Rico is vital for us to achieve economic development in the long term,” said Laura Cantero, executive director of Grupo Guayacán.

“Guayacán is proud to support organizations that prioritize our islands’ future and, today, we are honored to be able to further our collaboration with Para la Naturaleza,” she said.

“This initiative serves as a landmark to such an important occasion when we commemorate 25 years of service to entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico and, at the same time, sets precedence for future collaborations that will allow us to increase our impact,” Cantero added.

For more than 40 years, Para la Naturaleza has worked with different organizations to protect the natural environment that surrounds us by promoting responsible resource management, land conservation, and public policies.

“This alliance embodies the essence of what we do as a non-profit organization —care for our ecology and work together to help forge a sustainable country committed to safeguarding ecological diversity and the rights of all living beings. This way, we will ensure the continuity of forests, soils, bodies of water, reefs, and all the life that depends on them, so they can remain with us for everyone’s well-being,” said Fernando Lloveras-San Miguel, president of Para la Naturaleza.

Although this is the first time that Grupo Guayacán takes part in this type of effort, it plans to make this a recurring practice in the hope of involving the people and entities that support them, organizers said.

Since its founding in 1996, Grupo Guayacán has supported more than 2,000 entrepreneurs and more than 720 companies that have participated in its entrepreneurial training programs.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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