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Grupo Guayacán opens annual call for I-Corps PR program

Grupo Guayacán announced the opening of a new call for teams of entrepreneurs to apply for the 14th cohort of its idea-development program known as I-Corps Puerto Rico (I-Corps PR).

This year, the program seeks to identify 30 teams made up of students, professors or researchers, and entrepreneurs with a business idea they want to validate.

The application process can be completed online by March 7th. The only requirements are having a business idea and a team made up of two to four people. Those interested can attend a briefing session about the program and its requirements on March 2nd by registering here.

“I-Corps PR offers its participants the tools necessary to ascertain the potential and viability of a business idea. Participating in this process can help entrepreneurs avoid numerous disappointments and have the certainty of being on the right track,” said Patricia Ramírez, Program Manager of I-Corps PR.

Moreover, the program offers growth experiences that can better prepare new businesses towards gaining access to other entrepreneurial education programs, seed capital, and financial support, she said.

After graduating more than 216 teams in previous cohorts, I-Corps PR now enters its 14th cohort. Grupo Guayacan’s sponsors continue to ensure that the program remains free for participants.

Workshops will be held virtually over a five-week period and participants are expected to validate the commercial viability of their business idea as part of their training process.

The workshop program will begin in April once the teams are selected.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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