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Harvey: ‘Aggressive sales are a thing of the past’

Randall Harvey

Randall Harvey

Sales leader and coach Randall Harvey, who delivered one of the keynote addresses during last week’s Sales and Marketing Executives annual convention, believes creating value, rather than cornering clients and potential prospects, is the key to successful sales.

“You’re more successful when you focus on the success of others first, rather than your own success. Do you like the feeling when you’re cornered or against the wall? Trying to sell aggressively to someone is the fastest way to lose that customer. We create value for our customers and prospects,” said Harvey, one of Franklin Covey’s most prominent strategists.

For customers, the intent behind a sales strategy counts more than technique, he said.

“If we want to show confidence it’s important to combine the intention with the experience and skills,” said Harvey. “Sales techniques are important, but often we forget that we have to conform to the client’s agenda and needs. We need to be the solution.”

Finally, Randall explained how every seller should allow the client to discuss possible solutions and turn that opportunity into a “mutual conspiracy.” Randall believes 3 percent of marketers wait and ask to find out what customers really want before venturing on a sale and react when a customer asks for a product or service.

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Author Details
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