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Highways and Transportation Authority launches AutoExpreso mobile app

The Highways and Transportation Authority announced the availability of the AutoExpreso Móvil application, which is free of charge for iOS and Android devices and will give users more control of electronic payments for the island’s toll payment system.

“With this launch, we’re giving AutoExpreso users not only more control of their accounts, but also the peace of mind and confidence of having a platform that will offer updated information, such as their balances, in real time,” said agency Executive Director Rosana M. Aguilar-Zapata.

“For years, AutoExpreso users have had to deal with a system that took time to update their balances, creating confusion and, certainly, mistrust. With this AutoExpreso Móvil application, this is in the past,” she said.

Until now, when a user recharged or passed through one or more tolls, the system took time to reflect the actual balance. So, when a driver asked for their balance, more often than not it did not reflect pending transactions, Aguilar-Zapata said.

Through the AutoExpreso Móvil application, available in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore, users will not only see their available balance and recharge their account in real time, but will also be able to:

  • See their latest transactions;
  • View violations and pending transactions;
  • Pay selected infractions immediately;
  • See the vehicles currently associated with their AutoExpreso account;
  • Add and remove vehicles from the AutoExpreso account;
  • Sign up for automatic balance refills and manage credit card information to be used; and,
  • Receive notices about low account balances.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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