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Hotel occupancy predicted at 86% for this holiday weekend

Puerto Rico hotels this holiday weekend could reach “the highest level” of occupancy, at 86%, since January 2020 after the closing of all commercial sectors amid the seismic events that began in the southern region and the announcement of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Co. report on reservation numbers reflected that Feb. 13 is expected to be the day with the highest occupancy with 85.9%, followed by Feb. 14, with 81.6%, and Feb. 12th with 81.3%.

The reservation data also showed that the average occupancy percentage of Tourism Co.-endorsed rooms available in four of the six tourism regions exceeds 75% — Porta Caribe is reporting 90.8%; Metro, 83.5%; Porta del Sol, 83.1%; and Porta Atlántico, 76.3%.

“We continue to prepare to for the gradual opening of our industry. We feel very confident that the strategies implemented by the government of Puerto Rico, the Tourism Co. and the tourism industry to protect everyone’s health and safety have been effective,” said Tourism Co. Executive Director-designate Carlos Mercado.

“Furthermore, our promotional campaigns for the reactivation of domestic tourism, in a safe and responsible manner, have increased the confidence of local consumers, resulting in a growth in reservations and economic activity in all tourist regions,” he said.

The occupancy percentages are also “extremely encouraging” at 71.54% and 69%, respectively, in the East and Porta Cordillera regions, Mercado stated in a press release, where he offered details about the reservation numbers.

He also mentioned that the majority of the reservations were made by local residents.

“We’re very confident that the tourism industry, as well as the direct and indirect economic activity that it generates, will continue to progress quickly, safely and sustainably,” he said.

“The recovery of our destination and the strengthening of the infrastructure necessary for its maximum development in each of Puerto Rico’s municipalities are the Tourism Co.’s mission, a task on which we remain focused for everyone’s benefit,” he said.

Mercado also said that due to the security measures and strict protocols to protect the population from the spread of COVID-19, the sector now can expect a recovery “meaning that they’re on the right track.”

Meanwhile, Tourism Co. projections suggest that domestic tourism “will continue to lead tourism activity until the island is ready to receive tourism from abroad again.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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