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ICF delivers food to 150 families in Puerto Rico

Consulting services company ICF Puerto Rico partnered with nonprofit organization Giving Life and several community leaders to deliver food baskets to 150 families across 18 municipalities on the island as part of the “Bountiful Basket Drive” project.

The families that were served were directly affected by the impact of Hurricane Fiona and the most recent floods.

Initially, ICF set a goal of providing 10 food baskets. However, due to the generosity of the donations received from employees, plus a company match, expectations were exceeded, allowing ICF to feed more than 450 affected people from 150 families in municipalities such as Santa Isabel, Guayama, Salinas, Arroyo, Guánica, Loíza, Yabucoa and Arecibo, organizers said.

The goal was to deliver some relief to families in need, many of them below the poverty level, who reside in the region’s most severely affected by the hurricane and heavy rains in the last half of 2022.

In addition to the baskets, the company was able to provide a $1,000 donation to Giving Life.

“It was an honor to support these families when they need our help most. It’s nice to start the year with the satisfaction of having the support of our company, employees and contractors to bring some joy through difficult times,” said campaign organizer Ingrid Ramallo-Díaz, who also serves as a grant analyst for ICF Puerto Rico Disaster Management/Grant.  

“We want to establish this initiative as an annual tradition and be present at important celebrations to share with Puerto Rican households,” she said.

ICF is a global consulting services company with a local team of recovery experts who have been working on the island since 2018 to help communities become more resilient and better prepared to face and manage disasters in the future.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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