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ICON Conference to host 3rd edition Nov. 28-29 in San Juan

The Puerto Rico ICON Conference, an event focusing on the island’s business, finance and leadership landscape, will return to San Juan in its third edition, slated to take place Nov. 28-29 at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art.

Driven by its core values of “transformation, innovation and empowerment,” the Puerto Rico ICON Institute has organized a two-day conference, an annual initiative that serves as a platform for inspiration, education and transformation, creating an environment where both individuals and organizations can contribute to the island’s progress.

Participants will have the chance to partake in more than a dozen panel discussions with more than 50 industry leaders and influencers in their respective fields. In addition, there will be networking opportunities to build connections among like-minded professionals, organizers said.

“By bringing together some of the most brilliant business minds in a central location, the ICON Institute intends to establish a dynamic brainstorming hub in the heart of Puerto Rico, fostering the birth and development of innovative ideas,” organizers added.

Among the speakers to participate in the event are Colton Wandke of the Puerto Rico Innovation Fund and Glenn Greenberg, managing director at Brave Warrior Advisors, alongside Puerto Ricans who represent the diaspora, such as Elena Hernández from GenTrust and Alexandra Valentín of J.P. Morgan.

“What initially began as an investor conference has evolved into something far more profound,” said Richard Santana, cofounder of the Puerto Rico ICON Institute.

“We’re enthusiastic about introducing fresh themes that encompass the social aspect, infusing the essence of Puerto Rico, with the aim of creating true sustainable impact,” he said.

The diverse panels will encompass a wide range of industries and subjects. The initial day of the conference will primarily focus on the local economy, addressing industries that are particularly pertinent to Puerto Rico, in a series of conversations including: “Lights, Camera, Impact: Puerto Rico’s Film Industry on the Global Stage”; “Exploring Puerto Rico’s Rum Heritage and Shaping Its Spirited Future”; and “Santurce’s Renaissance: Socio-Economic Revitalization for a Transformed Hub of Business, Culture and Walkable Living.”

Likewise, the second day tackles topics of universal relevance, encompassing gastronomy (“Savoring Change: Exploring the Pulse of Puerto Rico’s Dynamic Food Industry”), artificial intelligence (“Navigating Tomorrow: AI’s Potential, Pitfalls and the Path Ahead”) and philanthropy (“Fostering Social Impact and Corporate Responsibility in Puerto Rico’s Philanthropic Landscape.”)

“I hold dear the memories of my upbringing in Puerto Rico, and as the only one of my three siblings who is still living on the island, I’m motivated to wholeheartedly participate in this initiative, with the goal of creating opportunities that would enable my two daughters to contemplate Puerto Rico as a viable option for their future,” said Karla Barrera, one of the cofounders of the Puerto Rico ICON Institute.

Tickets for Puerto Rico ICON 2023 are available for purchase online.

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