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Institute of Statistics profiling Puerto Rican farmer via survey

The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics recently launched the “Study on the Profile of the Puerto Rican Farmer,” a survey to gather information, data and statistics about farmers, their crops and the incentives they receive from the Department of Agriculture.

“The information obtained from this questionnaire will help to develop a profile of farmers in Puerto Rico, which will allow us to identify possible barriers and challenges that they currently have,” said Orville M. Disdier, executive director of the institute.

“Knowing our farmers better will help us promote and improve local agriculture and strengthen our food security,” he said, calling on farmers to invest a few minutes to complete and to share the questionnaire with other farmers before June 20.

Disdier further explained that the data gathered will also serve as a justification for several initiatives, such as the development of new public policies aimed at improving services for farmers and enhancing food production in Puerto Rico.

The information collected will also make it possible to strengthen the data on the Statistics and Indicators of Agricultural Production in Puerto Rico platform, a tool recently launched by the institute.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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