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InvestPR launches platform to connect local businesses with incoming investors

Invest Puerto Rico (InvestPR), the island’s economic development organization (EDO), announced the launch of InvestPR’s Service Directory, an online platform that facilitates connections between service providers on the island with companies looking to establish or expand operations in Puerto Rico.

The companies listed in the directory represent a range of support services, including accounting, advertising, construction, insurance, IT, legal, real estate, recruitment and renewable energy.

The platform already has 50 active providers — out of a potential 50,000 local businesses in Puerto Rico — which have been vetted to participate, said Ella Woger-Nieves, chief executive officer of InvestPR, during a roundtable with reporters.

“Enabling connections with service providers is crucial to InvestPR’s day-to-day. As an EDO, we have a responsibility to help companies establish operations on the island in the most value-rich manner possible, but also to help local businesses grow and become more competitive,” said Woger-Nieves, adding that providers that enter the database must be in good standing and active, and will be reviewed periodically to confirm their status.

She noted that InvestPR is not sponsoring any particular provider and urges Puerto Rico-based firms to sign to register and take part in the economic opportunity. To qualify, companies must have been operational for at least one year at the time of application.

“Our new service directory takes this role to new heights by empowering investors and service providers with a powerful yet simple-to-use platform that fast-tracks important connections and relationships,” she said.

“On a general level, the platform further underscores the depth of our commitment to fostering investment in the island to drive Puerto Rico’s economic transformation while supporting companies in a wide range of sectors by introducing them to a landscape of local players and opportunities,” added Woger-Nieves.

Meanwhile, Rafael Pérez, the EDO’s senior business development director, noted that “InvestPR is the primary entry point to hundreds of new businesses each year. These businesses require access to trusted and reliable service providers to help them establish their operations in Puerto Rico, and our service directory is the ideal starting point.”

InvestPR’s service directory was built using GetProven, a digital platform designed to connect service providers and potential clients. InvestPR is covering the $2,000 monthly cost of running the platform, making it free for users, said Nicole Vilalte, InvestPR’s chief marketing officer.

The EDO invested about $30,000 to launch the platform, Vilalte said.

The platform will grow to represent companies from a diverse range of industries, including tax and accounting firms, talent recruitment agencies, telecom providers, government permitting agencies, commercial real estate, employee training, incentive programs, construction, advertising and marketing, engineering firms, IT consultants and legal services, InvestPR officials said.

The organization is sending invitations to qualified, interested parties to further populate the list of service providers, which should send an email specifying their company’s name, a brief description of the services they offer, the company’s website address, and the primary contact email. Woger-Nieves mentioned that the InvestPR team will respond to the inquiry within 48 hours or less.

“That’s when we enter into a background check of the company and then base the response on that on whether the company is eligible to provide services to the level of quality required by the companies coming to Puerto Rico,” Woger-Nieves added.

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Author Details
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