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HITN to air new series: ‘Puerto Rico Contigo’ about island’s economic recovery

The Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation (WIPR) will showcase the program on July 1st at 10 p.m.

HITN, a Spanish-language network that offers educational and entertainment content to more than 44 million households across the United States through TV cable providers, will launch its new series, “Puerto Rico Contigo” on July 1st.

The Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation (WIPR) will showcase the program on July 1st at 10 p.m., with a rebroadcast of the 13 half-hour episodes of the series every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

“‘Puerto Rico Contigo,’ our new show on HITN, was created to share the stories of recovery on the island told by Puerto Ricans who endured and survived Hurricane María,” said Michael D. Nieves, president of HITN.

“Each episode has exclusive interviews with the Puerto Ricans who are committed to the island’s recovery and are making a difference on the island,” he said.

This original programming has roots in a one-hour special HITN aired shortly after Hurricane María reached Puerto Rico. Soon after the special aired, HITN engaged in a variety of relief efforts for the island.

The Brooklyn-based cable channel helped secure shipping containers for the community of New York City and Hartford, Connecticut so cases of bottled water, batteries, canned foods, and clothing could be sent to Puerto Rico.

“HITN also purchased and installed water filters in schools located in Vieques,” added Nieves.

Today, months after Hurricane María devastated Puerto Rico, HITN wants to highlight all the progress being made by local government officials, civil organizations, private companies, small and medium companies, local nonprofits, foundations and civil entities about the island’s economic recovery.

“Puerto Rico Contigo will be HITN’s very first production that will air regularly in WIPR,” said WIPR President Rafael Batista. “For us it is key to collaborate with HITN not only showcasing this special program, but in the future with similar co-productions that help present Puerto Rico’s real economic situation.”

“It is very important because we want to reach to the big Puerto Ricans community living in the U.S. mainland. We’re very pleased to see that with this presentation of Puerto Rico Contigo, the partnership between both networks will be finally materialize, sharing the common vision to inform and offer educational and entertainment content,” he said.


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