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jetBlue unveils ‘Bluericua,’ its new airbus dedicated to P.R.

JetBlue unveiled over the weekend the “Bluericua,” an Airbus 320 aircraft dedicated to the Puerto Rican people, its culture and spirit, the airline said.

The “Bluericua,” whose tail is  N779JB, was designed with help from a group of jetBlue crewmembers based in San Juan, Aguadilla and Ponce. Together, they identified the cultural symbols that will promote Puerto Rico as the aircraft travels throughout the jetBlue system.

Bluericua’s starting point is its shade of blue – the brightest JetBlue has used in its fleet, in keeping with the vibrancy of the island. Emerging from this vivid backdrop is the iconic Puerto Rican skyline near El Morro, where seven kites are being flown, representing seven symbols of the island’s culture that include: a star, a kite, dominoes, a coqui, a hibiscus flower, an Iguaca parrot and a tambourine.

“Bluericua is our way of celebrating Puerto Rico’s resiliency and its culture,” said Marty St. George, jetBlue’s executive vice president of commercial and planning.

“There is so much that Puerto Ricans can be proud of, and our crewmembers did a great job of identifying those prominent symbols that represent the island’s rich culture, heritage and natural beauty,” St. George said. “We remain committed to promoting tourism to Puerto Rico, as the island is open and ready to welcome visitors, family and friends.”

Bluericua made a special visit to San Juan Sunday and later operated its first commercial flight for customers from San Juan traveling to Boston.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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