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Kinesis Foundation opens process for upcoming round of college scholarships

The Kinesis Foundation, a nonprofit educational institution established in 2004, announced the opening of the Kinesis Scholarship 2022-2023, aimed at talented students with limited economic resources who are going to study their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate at colleges in the US mainland and Puerto Rico.

The call is competitive in nature and the application must be completed online only on or before the June 3, 2022, deadline. The application for the Kinesis Scholarship is available through the foundation’s website.

“We’re happy to be able to announce the call for the Kinesis Scholarship 2022-2023. Even though it has been two very difficult years with a lot of uncertainty as a result of COVID-19, we have been able to continue our commitment and mission of supporting our students until their goals are met,” Kinesis Chairman Miguel Fernández-Richards said.

“Our thanks go to all our donors who year after year show us their faithful commitment to the students of Puerto Rico. They are the ones who really make it possible for us to offer the 2022-2023 Kinesis Scholarship,” he said.

Since its founding, Kinesis has disbursed more than $12.5 million and awarded scholarships to more than 1,800 Puerto Rican college students who have completed college studies in schools in the US mainland, Canada, Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy, Iceland, the United Kingdom, China and Australia, among other countries.

The nonprofit’s mission is “to continue helping Puerto Rican students achieve a successful university life, without the economic factor being an obstacle. This initiative encourages students to acquire knowledge and academic and professional experiences abroad, to later put them at the service of Puerto Rico,” it stated.

This year, in addition to the Kinesis Scholarship, the organization has specialized scholarships available that are sponsored by several companies: Agronomy and agriculture scholarship, sponsored by Plaza las Américas and Vaquería Tres Monjitas; Hospitality and tourism Scholarship, sponsored by the Scholarship Foundation for Hospitality and Tourism Studies Inc.; the Liberty Foundation Jasmine Camacho-Quinn Athletics Scholarship, sponsored by the Liberty Foundation; and, a scholarship for students from the eastern part of the island through the Bahia Beach Community Scholarship Program, sponsored by Bahía Beach.

To apply for the available scholarships, participants must be enrolling for college for the first time, be a Puerto Rico resident, have an outstanding academic track record, show evidence of financial need, and must have been admitted to one of the best universities in Puerto Rico or one of the top 100 educational institutions in the US News ranking, or accredited outside of Puerto Rico. Students are required to present the university’s letter of admission.

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