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Knowledge World Event to be held June 8 at Puerto Rico Convention Center

This year’s event will focus on knowledge commerce and AI integration.

Following a successful first edition, the Knowledge World Event is returning this year with updated content under the theme “Ultimate Trends 2024.” The event will take place on June 8, at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

To highlight the cutting-edge trends that are transforming knowledge commerce, also known as online learning or e-learning, this year, professionals and entrepreneurs from various sectors will convene to explore and share the latest industry skills and strategies. The event will provide the opportunity for those interested in capitalizing on their knowledge and turning it into engaging products and services. 

Attendees will learn how to monetize their expertise through online courses, books, membership programs, podcasts, conferences and mentoring services, and discover how artificial intelligence can optimize and expand such offerings. They will also be trained in the latest communication techniques to excel in the digital age and understand the crucial legal and financial aspects to protect and develop their business.

This year’s program includes presentations by experts, such as Esther Quintero, who will open the event with “Knowledge Clic,” a session designed to help participants focus and connect with their knowledge. Anita Paniagua will offer two essential masterclasses: the first titled “KCommerce meets AI,” where attendees will learn to create, plan and automate their suite of knowledge products and services. 

Later, Paniagua will present “The New Smart Marketing,” a session in which participants will discover how to automate their marketing with strategic integration of AI. This session will feature technology expert Obed Borrero.

In addition, Idia Martínez will teach the masterclass “The Ultimate Public Speaker,” preparing participants to make an impact as professional speakers using the latest trends.

Furthermore, two panels will be offered. The first, “Decoding K-Commerce Business,” will feature Enid Flores, Paola Zaragoza, Doris Pérez and Miguel Fonseca, who will discuss operational strategies and dimensions from automation of numbers to laws and copyright. 

The second panel, “K-2 Success,” will feature Keila Díaz, Dacia De Figueiredo, Vilato Marrero and Miguel Contés, who will share their secrets in creating their suite of products in the knowledge industry.

Anita Paniagua and Idia Martínez, co-creators of the event, pointed out that this will be a unique opportunity to insert themselves in this lucrative industry and connect with other professionals in the sector.

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