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La Burguesía opens at Distrito T-Mobile following $900K investment

The fourth gastronomic concept at the Distrito T-Mobile entertainment complex, La Burguesía restaurant, has opened for business following a $900,000 investment.

With an irreverent tone, the restaurant satirizes bourgeois society through its gastronomic offer and design. Its operators send the message by taking a universal dish and elevating its quality, offering a “bourgeois” product at affordable prices.

La Burguesía operates with an open concept kitchen that has its own butcher shop and bakery, adding a unique touch to its handcrafted hamburgers.

The concept will occupy approximately 2,300 square feet, has a potential seating capacity for 93 people, and will generate approximately 35 jobs, officials said.

Black Angus meat and brioche buns are key in the burgers’ preparation, the main dish at La Burguesía. 

“Quality and freshness are very important to us, so we bring fresh cuts, never frozen, to make excellent ground meat in our butcher shop,” said, William Burn, operator of La Burguesía.

As for the bread the owners partnered with local bakery Horno de Pane, which created an exclusive butter-based brioche bun for La Burguesía, featuring a smooth texture and sweet flavor.

The menu of burgers includes: “El Príncipe de Asturias,” whose main ingredients are Serrano ham, Gruyère cheese, arugula, and truffle oil; and “El Capataz” which stands out for its caramelized “amarillos” (or sweet fried plantains), goat cheese, bacon, mayonnaise and cilantro sauce and an apple and green pepper vinaigrette. There is also a “build your own” option in which people can use their creativity and imagination to create their own fusion of fresh ingredients and diverse flavors.

All of the burgers may be paired up with the restaurant’s Belgian cut fries, which are served in a cone and can be topped with several spices and sauces. The menu also features a varied menu of tapas and appetizers, “crazy” shakes, craft beers, house cocktails and wines.

“We’re excited to be part of such an innovative project and integrating such an interesting concept. It was quite a process, which is why we are proud of the final result and ready so that everyone who visits us can enjoy every detail of this gastronomic experience,” said Carlos González, consulting partner of La Burguesía.

Following Distrito T-Mobile’s tiered pre-opening plan, La Burguesía joins the openings of Aloft Hotel as well as Barullo Taberna Española, Lupe Reyes and Sazón Cocina Criolla restaurants.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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