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Lexus ES 2022 rethinks technology and safety

One of the best-selling sedans of the Lexus brand arrives “redesigned, rethinking the technology and with the best combination of evocative design, stimulating performance and human-centered craftsmanship,” said Maribel Bengoa, marketing manager of Lexus in Puerto Rico.

“The line of models Lexus ES 2022 provide a modernized multimedia system, new safety and performance improvements, a slight exterior redesign and new exterior and interior colors that adapt to the diverse interests and lifestyles of a very particular market that daily rethinks what it wants and seeks. That is why we say that THE ES 2022 is human-centered craftsmanship,” Bengoa said.

All Lexus interiors are designed to create a cabin centered on the driver combined with spacious, comfortable areas for passengers. This concept was introduced in the LC Coupe, perfected in the flagship LS sedan, and extended to the seventh-generation ES. Lexus calls this concept “Seat in Control,” a simple idea that says that, from the moment the passenger enters the car, all the controls they need are at their fingertips and all the information they want is in sight.

In true Lexus fashion, the 2022 ES embraces continuous improvement with updates to the Lexus multimedia system and the available navigation system, but all human-centered. Standard color multimedia displays have been increased by 4.3″ and now passengers can enjoy a 12.3-inch touchscreen, in addition to the remote touch interface, for intuitive interaction between driver and front passenger, available on Luxury, F Sport and Hybrid models. Additional interior upgrades for 2022 include an optimized instrument panel design that embraces seamless integration into the cabin.

The executive explained that the ES 2022 continues the brand’s commitment to safety.

“With the addition of the blind spot monitor with rear traffic alert and the Lexus Safety Sense+ 2.5 (LSS+ 2.5) safety system as standard equipment on all models, we reaffirm that commitment to providing additional safety to the driver and passengers,” she said.

The Pedestrian Detection Pre-Collision System (PCS) features an enhancement to the camera with lens and millimeter-wave radar elements to expand the response range. A new PCS update in LSS+ 2.5 includes Left Turn Intersection Support. At intersections, the system has the ability, under certain conditions, to recognize an approaching vehicle when turning left and is designed to activate typical PCS functions if necessary.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) can be activated at over 30 mph and is designed to control vehicle-to-vehicle distance up to 0 mph and can be resumed from a stop. DRCC also includes a new feature that allows slower vehicles to be gently overtaken. If the driver is traveling behind a vehicle that is going slower than the preset speed, once the driver activates the turn signal, the system will provide an initial increase in acceleration in preparation for changing lanes; and, after the driver changes lanes, the vehicle will continue to accelerate until it reaches the original preset driving speed. LSS 2.5+ adds that it can automatically reduce the vehicle’s speed, if necessary, through certain types of curves.

Lane Driving Assist with Power Steering (LDA w/SA) is designed to help notify the driver if it detects an inadvertent lane departure at speeds above 32 miles per hour through steering wheel vibrations or audible alert. You can also take small corrective measures to help keep the driver within the visibly marked lane. When DRCC is configured and activated, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) is designed to provide a slight steering force to help steer toward the center of the lane to help the driver stay in the lane using visible lane markers or a preceding vehicle. LTA alerts the driver with a visual warning and an audible alert or steering wheel vibration.

“The new ES rethinks technology and safety, ahead of its time without sacrificing the elegance that has always distinguished that model,” said Bengoa.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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