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Liberty Business strengthens offerings for all segments as its integration progresses

Liberty Business, Liberty Puerto Rico’s commercial division, continues to strengthen its roster of products and services for all business segments as the company’s integration of the wireless and wireline operations it acquired in Puerto Rico and the USVI last October, continues to progress.

Antonio Llona, vice president of Liberty Business, said the division can now offer new services such as local inbound billing, a new customer service number for new business accounts with 100% local representatives handling the calls, and an integrated sales force and B2B installation processes.

The division also launched two new offers: a combined mobile and fixed services deal, and a new promotion titled “Push para tu negocio” (“Push for Your Business”).   

“As part of the integration process, we are able to provide our corporate customers with offers and services that combine our fixed and mobile networks, thus bringing more value to their businesses and making them more competitive,” Llona said.

Llona explained that Liberty Business’ combined offer doubles internet speeds for Liberty’s small business customers who have both their fixed internet and postpaid mobile services with the company.

He also added that Liberty Business has created other offers that are custom-made for businesses in the local market, and developed a campaign to promote services, solutions, and tools to help businesses to develop and operate more efficiently.

This goes hand in hand with the division’s drive to support the development of local startups through organizations such as Enactus, the Puerto Rico Restaurants Association, Grupo Guayacán and the United Retailers Center.

“Push for Your Business” is a new offer for Liberty Business’ customers that provides multiple solutions to cover various business needs such as technology, telecommunications and advertising, to receive an extra “push” for their businesses.

To cover advertising needs, for example, these customers can choose from several production offers, purchase spots available in 48 channels including Liberty Media’s own channel 85, qualify for a minimum 60 percent fee discount just for being Liberty Business customers, have a 30-second commercial produced to promote their businesses, promote a special offer to Liberty Media customers, have a spot produced by Liberty Media of up to three minutes that will run on channel 85.

Llona added that Liberty Business has established a special loyalty plan for its direct and wholesale VIP customers called “Liberty Business Plus.” This plan provides them with a specialized team of representatives that handle their accounts exclusively, which provides them with more intelligence and agility because they do not have to go through the regular service process.  

“Liberty Business Plus” plan members can also receive assistance for business matters such as billing, payments, payment arrangements and customer service. Customers have an exclusive phone number to carry out their transactions, but they can also make requests via e-mail. They also have a 30-day warranty for their equipment and can make equipment upgrades at Liberty stores during that period.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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