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Liberty Puerto Rico opens access to more free channels, SiriusXM

Liberty Puerto Rico announced it has opened access to more channels for clients to access free of charge during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Liberty’s television subscribers will have access to The Weather Channel until June 13, plus all of HBO and Cinemax’s premium channels from April 17-20, regardless of the bundles they are subscribed to.

Additionally, SiriusXM is offering free access to its full lineup of premier streaming content through May 15.
“With SiriusXM, consumers in Puerto Rico get yet another tool to navigate this difficult period,” said Waldo Hooker, vice president of customer experience for Liberty Puerto Rico.

“SiriusXM offers many channels that provide useful and entertaining content for every single family member of the household, any time they need it,” Hooker said. “We’re also adding access to The Weather Channel, HBO and Cinemax to continue encouraging everyone to stay home, be informed, and enjoy all the great content these channels have to offer.”

SiriusXM’s Premier Streaming features more than 300 channels of ad-free music, plus news, information, politics, comedy, sports, and on demand content. Those who want to access SiriusXM Premier Streaming can go to SiriusXM.com/libertypr to start listening for free, without having to enter any credit card information or make any kind of commitment, the company said.

Meanwhile, all Liberty television customers will also have open access to The Weather Channel until June 13. In addition to weather news and information, this channel is offering complete coverage of the COVID-19 story. The Weather Channel is available on channel 225 in its high definition (HD) lineup and on channel 25 in Liberty’s standard definition (SD) lineup.

In addition, Liberty’s television customers will also have access to all premium channels from HBO and Cinemax on April 17-20. HBO’s premium channels are on 400 to 406 in Liberty’s HD lineup and 500 to 506 in the SD lineup. Cinemax’s programming is on channels 415 to 419 in the HD lineup and on channels 515 to 519 in the SD lineup.

The additional free channels join others already available — Disney Junior, Disney XD, FXM, CNN, selected channels from NBCUniversal, plus all of Hallmark’s channels and Stingray Music services.

Customers also have open access to all of Showtime’s, The Movie Channel’s and Flix’s premium channels regardless of the bundles they are subscribed to.

The company created folders for each one of its television tiers in its Liberty on Demand platform with the top 10 free movies and series of the week.

The company also offers a folder with the top 10 movies and series on Showtime, in addition to the more than 4,000 titles available for Showtime.

To access Liberty on Demand, customers just need to press the On Demand button on their remote controls or tune into channel 1 and press the “B” button on their remote controls to access the platform.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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