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L’Oréal Caribe partners with TAIS to encourage circular recycling

L’Oréal Caribe announced it has entered a strategic partnership with TAIS, a local company that sustainably reuses organic waste.

Through this initiative, L’Oréal Caribe launched an advanced recycling program to turn its employees’ food waste into resources for Puerto Rico’s farms, it further announced.

“At L’Oréal Caribe we were alarmed to learn that Puerto Rico has one of the highest rates of garbage generation per capita in the world, which among other consequences contributes to the climate crisis that affects our island,” said Liana Camacho, director of the Professional Products Division for L’Oréal Caribe and leader of the “L’Oréal for the Future” program for the Caribbean Region.

“Our goal is to be part of the search for solutions to climate change through ‘L’Oréal for the Future,’ our sustainability and corporate social responsibility program,” she said.

As part of the movement, L’Oreal committed to adopting as a daily habit TAIS’ recycling method, “which converts our employees’ food waste into compost for local agriculture. Since we launched the program last year, we have managed to collect more than 1,343 pounds of compost,” Camacho said, adding the project will soon be rolled out to 15 beauty salons throughout the island.

Oscar Meléndez-Colón, chief business development officer of TAIS, confirmed the organization’s partnership with L’Oréal Caribe is the first of its kind in Puerto Rico.

It allows the nonprofit to “educate and reach a wider audience through the beauty industry, and identify new ways to recycle waste, including hair in beauty salons. By using the TAIS kit and the Borikashi additive, we offer a hygienic way to separate food waste and reduce the time of the composting process by 50%, from six to three months,” he said.

“TAIS promotes a circular economy, contributing to the sustainable development and preservation of the planet and the health of our flora and the overall quality of the food produced by our farmers,” he added.

Meanwhile, through the L’Oréal Fund for Women, L’Oréal has pledged a $20,000 donation to Agroempresarias de Puerto Rico, an organization that brings together women entrepreneurs in the agriculture industry.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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