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MADMi among 10 best museums to visit in the United States

The Miramar Museum of Art and Design (MADMi, in Spanish) was named among the “10 best art museums in the US that should be on your bucket list” by “Best Life” magazine.

The article reviews the location of the museum inside the historic French neoclassical house and explains how the art and design presented in the rooms serve as an example of the changes that occurred in Puerto Rico under the effects of Modernism.

“Our museum celebrated its four-year foundation just a few weeks ago. Receiving this news today validates the work we have been doing, and fills us with motivation to continue with our mission to inspire through art and design, and to be engines of social well-being in our community,” said Nicole Pietri, director of the MADMi

“This distinction is also a recognition of the excellence of our exhibition program in charge of our chief curator Marilú Purcell Villafañe, and the high level of art and design that is currently being carried out in Puerto Rico,” she said.

From its majestic pink house, the former residence of Eduardo Méndez Bagur who bequeathed his house for the museum, MADMi has worked for the past four years to present design from its multiple disciplines, extolling the daily functionality of good design.

In addition, the museum is dedicated to presenting a varied, inclusive, accessible program that is committed to the different sectors of its community, she said.

With the support of the nonprofit sector, such as the Eduardo Méndez Bagur Foundation and the Titín Foundation, and private companies such as UBS and Merrill Lynch, since its foundation in November 2018, MADMi has held open houses, Saturday workshops, workshops for the elderly, guided tours for the visually impaired and art and design encounters through fairs, participatory events such as the Design Hunt, and “pop up” style markets, which promote the creative industries on the island.

“I congratulate the MADMi team for this achievement. Since its conceptualization, MADMi has had our support as an emblematic project of the Foundation. We’re proud to be a core part of the creation, development and maintenance of this cultural space that harmonizes priority aspects of our mission and vision,” said Sofía Martínez-Álvarez, executive director of the Titín Foundation.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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