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‘MCS Club Te Paga’ reaches 40K+ participants, expands offer

Health care company MCS has announced the expansion of the MCS Club Te Paga program, dedicated to transforming the health of its participants through a variety of activities and services that inspire them to achieve their health goals.

The program is available to MCS Classicare members, MCS Life policyholders and the community. 

“This expansion is a response to the company’s deep understanding of the changing needs of the population and a desire to offer services that bring together physical, mental, emotional and social health in a single program,” it stated.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physical activity, good nutrition and healthy social activities are essential to increasing health benefits. Club Te Paga ensures that individuals have access to the resources and supports they need to live healthier, more connected lives.

“MCS Club Te Paga reflects our innovation and evolution as a company dedicated to health care,” said Rosadaliz Berríos, senior vice president of Operations and Customer Experience at MCS.

“Through the program, we impact every facet of our members, policyholders and the entire community, making available resources that positively impact all components of physical, emotional and social health. This is our commitment to Puerto Rico, and we are proud to fulfill our mission,” she said.

This transition is anticipated to bring new opportunities and resources for MCS Club Te Paga participants, strengthening its position as a leader in promoting wellness in Puerto Rico, Berríos said. 

“The goal is to ensure that every activity, service, experience, or resource offered contributes in a meaningful way by offering complete health to all its participants,” Berríos stated.

“Those interested can benefit from the activities and services of the MCS Club Te Paga located on the second level of Plaza Las Américas, as well as in the MCS Service Centers in Aguadilla, Bayamón and Carolina, and during events coordinated throughout Puerto Rico. MCS Club te Paga has a calendar of events that is promoted on our social networks,” the executive added.

MCS Club Te Paga offers exercise classes such as yoga, tai chi, zumba, and aqua aerobics. Health and wellness workshops provide an educational component. Entertainment events, such as bingo, karaoke, movies and bohemias, offer fun and relaxing experiences.

Art therapy and clothing and accessory workshops allow participants to explore their creative side. In addition, the program features educational capsules on various topics and special events celebrating Grandparents’ Day in September.

MCS Club Te Paga also offers an exclusive discount program for MCS members.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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