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MCS Foundation donates $523K to nonprofits in Puerto Rico

As a result of its “La Lucha” fundraising campaign, the MCS Foundation announced a donation of $455,000 to be distributed among nine nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico. Earlier this year donated $68,000 to two other entities, for a total distribution of $523,000 in 2022, foundation officials said.

These funds will benefit more than 6,000 people and are part of the MCS Foundation’s “unwavering commitment to the communities it serves,” officials said.

The nine entities that will receive these funds raised by the “La Lucha” campaign are  Asociación Mayagüezana de Personas con Impedimentos, Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico, Centro Inés, Cruz Roja de Puerto Rico, EnterPRize del Grupo Guayacán, IDIIFCO, Hermanitas Señora de la Providencia, REHACE and Universidad Central de Caribe.

A large part of the elderly population on the island benefits from the services provided by these entities, said Maité Morales-Martínez, chairwoman of the MCS Foundation Board.

“Our donors and the dollar-for-dollar matching by our primary donor — MCS Healthcare Holdings Inc. are key in this effort. At the MCS Foundation, we’re celebrating five years of collaborating with several of these organizations, and we have seen how significant the impact of each of their projects has been on this population,” said Morales-Martínez, who is also chief administrative officer of MCS.

“This monetary distribution will reinforce our social mission, and their efforts will continue to be an agent of change in the communities,” she added.

Meanwhile, MCS Foundation Executive Director Elba Rivera said the foundation promotes programs that focus on the social determinants of physical and emotional health, “primarily so that our elderly population can enjoy a full life.”  

In addition, MCS will continue to support organizations with the MCS Volunteer Program, which donates to the entities with time and workforce from MCS’s more than 2,000 employees.

“In this way, we’re creating long-term support relationships with today’s recipients. However, much remains to be done, and I urge the private sector to join these efforts so that together, we can transform the lives of Puerto Rico’s elderly population,” she said.

The donations were presented to the organizations during a ceremony attended by representatives from the nine nonprofit entities, donors and MCS officers.

The MCS Foundation will soon launch its next fundraising campaign “to continue to make a difference in Puerto Rico’s most vulnerable communities and populations,” officials said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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