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MCS Foundation reaches $5.5M in community support

This year, the MCS Foundation reached the amount of $5.5 million in donations and more than 50,000 volunteer hours contributed to non-profit entities that provide health, education and economic development services to vulnerable or needy communities in Puerto Rico.  

“The MCS Foundation has marched at a steady pace to proactively and consistently support organizations that have an impact on vulnerable communities in Puerto Rico. Today, we are celebrating $5.5 million in contributions to non-government sister agencies that help thousands of Puerto Ricans daily,” said Elba Rivera, executive director of the MCS Foundation.

The amount raised has been awarded to organizations such as Acción Social de Puerto Rico, Inc., Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico, Caras con CAUSA, los Centros Sor Isolina Ferré, Centro Inés, P.E.C.E.S., PathStone Corporation and others. These entities have active programs in the areas of education for adults and youths, as well as health and care for the elderly, mental health and social development, and entrepreneurship, covering all the pillars with which the Foundation works. Of the above-mentioned amount, $582,000 has been distributed this year.

In addition to the monetary donations, the MCS Foundation is supported by voluntary hours given by hundreds of people who contribute their talent and time to support the various initiatives mentioned above, contributing to those Puerto Rico communities in need. Within this group of volunteers, the contribution made by employees of the MCS health plan over the past years have come to 52,713 hours of voluntary help, equivalent to $1.2 million to these causes.

The MCS Foundation is the only nonprofit organization in Puerto Rico whose donation proceeds are 100% matched by its primary donor, MCS. Prior to establishing the MCS Foundation, community and social work efforts were handled by variopus Corporate Social Responsibility committees established by the health plan.  

Last July, the MCS Foundation, with the support of 10 other organizations, the Administration of Mental Health and Addiction Services (ASSMCA, in Spanish) and mental healthcare provider FHC de Puerto Rico launched public service campaign “Escondida,” alluding to the emotional and mental health problems brought by the pandemic.

This effort, which included TV spots and other media, added to the $452,000 grant the MCS Foundation made to entities with active mental health projects.  

Looking ahead to 2022, and to increase the support given to communities, the MCS Foundation is preparing to launch its annual fundraising campaign over the next month.  

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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