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MCS inaugurates 1st Health Services Clinic in Corozal

MCS recently established an alliance with the Plaza del Carmen Diagnostic and Treatment Center to inaugurate its first Excellence Clinic in Corozal.

This urgent care center in the island’s central region will serve a population of around 250,000 people in Corozal and neighboring towns.

In addition to the laboratory, urgent care room, pharmacy, vaccination, radiology center and medical specialist services available at the center, the clinic will also offer nutrition consulting services exclusively for MCS insureds.  

Starting Feb. 14, MCS insureds with conditions such as diabetes, weight management problems, obesity, high blood pressure and cancer, among others, will be able to benefit from the services of a licensed nutritionist at the Corozal Excellence Clinic.

“In Puerto Rico, two out of 13 adults suffer from diabetes, and cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death,” said Inés Hernández-Roses, chief medical officer at MCS.

“An interdisciplinary team of professionals who are experts in various clinical disciplines, including primary and specialty medical care, as well as pharmacy and nutrition, is essential for managing chronic conditions,” she said. “This approach provides the ideal opportunity to improve clinical outcomes in the short and long term.”

In addition to nutrition consulting services, people with mild symptoms such as minor throat and ear infections, sinusitis, headaches and stomach and muscle aches can be seen either in the clinic’s urgent care room or at any of the specialist physicians’ office.

“Throughout the island, many visits to emergency rooms are not real emergencies, but urgent care cases. Urgent care centers are important for reducing congestion in emergency rooms and freeing up resources to address the most serious and life-threatening conditions. This urgent care center in Corozal fills the need for this type of service in the mountain region,” Hernández-Roses said.

Meanwhile, MCS CEO Roberto Torres-Fernández said “we continue to expand our presence throughout the island, and through this partnership, we can reach the mountain region. A country is healthy only to the extent its population is provided healthcare services.”

This clinic will provide complete health services through family doctors and those specializing in ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology, orthopedics, and hematology oncology. Likewise, the Excellence Clinic offers vaccination, clinical laboratory, and digital radiology services, and serves as a center for tracking COVID-19 samples for the Municipality of Corozal.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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