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MCS marks ‘Patient Day’ with visits to plan members in 60+ hospitals

In celebration of “Patient Day,” MCS representatives visited more than 1,100 hospitalized members at more than 60 hospitals in its network to offer support and reinforce the importance of a proper patient care transition.

The hospitalized MCS members received educational materials on how to take care of their post-discharge health to avoid a return to the hospital.

“We’re taking advantage of ‘Patient Day’ to reach out to our hospitalized members and remind them that we’re supporting them,” said Inés Hernández, Chief Medical Officer at MCS.

“Our intention is to convey peace of mind and educate them on how to have greater control of their health condition. Knowing our members trust their health to us motivates us to work hand in hand with our providers to continue offering them the interdisciplinary care they need to recover and stay healthy after being discharged,” she said.

“For us at MCS, ‘Patient Day’ is every day,” she added, pointing out that MCS’s commitment to hospitalized patients and their families is consistent throughout all stages of their care.

“An excellent interdisciplinary clinical team comprised of physicians, nurses, social workers and psychologists identifies and addresses physical, psychosocial and non-clinical needs to ensure an appropriate transition to the next level of care the patient requires,” said Hernández.

MCS’s Care Transition program is the entity that, during the first 30 days after discharge, facilitates the coordination of patient services among the members of the interdisciplinary clinical team in charge of the patient’s care. This program makes sure to provide discharged patients with all the support they need to access their medical care and keep their condition stable.

“For example, the patient is helped in coordinating transportation, prescribed drug deliveries, and even medical appointments. Everything they need to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary readmission to the hospital,” said Hernández.

However, the Transition of Care program is not limited to the first 30 days after discharge.

“If it is identified that the patient may benefit from any of our clinical care management programs, we immediately make a referral. In these programs, we offer specialized and specific care services to closely monitor and stabilize the patient’s health condition,” she added.

MCS COO Roberto Torres said teamwork between MCS and all its healthcare providers is the key to the healthcare excellence they offer to their members and insureds.

“For us at MCS, it’s highly satisfying to work alongside so many healthcare professionals who share our mission of serving and caring for our society by making every day one of serving and supporting every patient,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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