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MCS offers benefits, products to fit needs of microenterprises

MCS recently launched its “There’s an MCS health plan for everyone” campaign that highlights all the products the company offers for individuals and small businesses.

With direct and group health plans, MCS has a variety of options for students, employees without health plan benefits, self-employed professionals, and specific plans for small and medium-sized businesses.

MCS matches the need and applies its service formula to employers and insureds from all economic sectors, including products such as “MCS Personal Directo,” aimed at individuals who do not have an employer plan, and “MCS Global PYMES,” which is aimed at employers with between two and 50 employees throughout the island.

“At MCS, we recognize the importance of the contribution of entrepreneurs and microenterprises for our island’s economic development,” said Carlos Matos, assistant vice president of Commercial Sales.  

“Our experience supporting large companies gives us the strength and confidence to provide the best service and alternatives to this sector, for which we’re already the health plan for more than 1,800 companies,” he said.

“Our island is rising up after a few years of major challenges, and MCS is here to support professionals and small and medium-size businesses,” he added.

MCS’s health plans provide essential health benefits, including emergency services, hospitalization, outpatient services, pharmacy, maternity and newborn care, mental health, rehabilitation services, laboratory, and others. In addition to these services, MCS has taken unique steps to innovate as a facilitator of complete health.

The “Personal Directo” and “Global PYMES” plans offer gym membership reimbursements, and “Personal Directo” also provides home assistance services, such as basic plumbing, electrical and window repairs, and locksmiths.   

All the products aimed at the commercial sector include the corporate wellness program, through which certified coach Yadira Abouomar from Level Up Consulting Services, provides support to employers and employees in the organizational development of their companies, to help them reach their business goals, while pursuing managerial and corporate wellness.

“In addition to our great success in our Medicare Advantage offerings through our MCS Classicare product, we’ve also been recognized as a leading employer service company, innovating every step by providing personalized attention to the large group segment through MCS Global, serving more than 200,000 insureds in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands,” said the Matos.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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