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Med Centro buys $1M mobile medical unit

Healthcare provider Med Centro recently invested about $1 million in a new mobile medical unit, to deliver services to patients in the Coamo-Salinas area of the island, company Executive Director Allan Cintrón-Salichs said.

This vehicle joins the fleet of four units that the institution already owns, equipped with technology and everything necessary to offer primary health services to all types of patients, he said.

“Med Centro’s mission is ‘always moving toward new frontiers.’ In line with that mission, we’re an institution that, in addition to treating patients in our physical facilities, we go to places where there are populations that, due to several circumstances, have limited access to health services,” he said, noting that the company analyzed the need in several sectors in Coamo and Salinas that meet these requirements.

The new mobile unit is eco-friendly, as it is equipped with solar panels that run its air conditioning units, interior lighting and the equipment that require electricity. The mobile unit has a triage area, two treatment rooms, a waiting room that becomes a conference room and a ramp with an elevator to provide access to people in wheelchairs.

Currently, mobile medical units offer primary health services for agricultural workers and their families (Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker); residents of public housing; public school students through the School Based Health Program, and at health clinics or fairs in communities in Puerto Rico’s southern flank.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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