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Medical cannabis company Tropizen relaunches edibles line

Tropizen, a licensed cultivator and manufacturer of medical cannabis products, announced the relaunch of its line of cannabis gummies, incorporating new products, ingredients, branding and packaging, along with improved flavors.

The new cannabis infused gummies, manufactured in the company’s facilities located in the municipality of Canóvanas, feature updated product formulas with added all natural ingredients such as goldenberry, hibiscus, beets, and turmeric, which provide additional health benefits to patients.

“We have made a number of adjustments to our popular line of cannabis gummies to better meet patients’ needs and in response to evolving market conditions,” said Tropizen co-founder Marni Meistrell.

Marketed under the Tropizen Superfruit Gummies brand, the cannabis edible line focuses on produce and herbs supplied primarily by local farmers, according to seasonal availability.

Meistrell explained that the new gummies have a new and distinctive round shape to further differentiate the product, sporting an ocean wave design intended to evoke the essence of the brand and complement the company’s palm tree logo.

Moreover, the edibles will be sold in dispensaries in packaging sizes of 20 and 5 units, with new graphics and colors. Each gummy will have between 5 and 10 milligrams of cannabinoids, supplying patients with varying amounts of CBD and THC.                          

According to Meistrell, the new gummies allow patients to adopt a personalized treatment regimen using a micro dosing approach. Scientific research points to this method as more effective at treating symptoms without psychoactive effects. It also benefits patients in finding their optimal dosing levels.

The newly released gummy varieties are “Citrus Punch,” “Island Vibes” and “Tropic Fusion,” which include real fruit flavors such as guava, mango, passion fruit, flor de Jamaica and dragonfruit. The company will continue to sell its most popular flavors, quenepa and soursop, in single flavor packs.

While Tropizen’s production volume of edibles has increased in the last couple of weeks by approximately 60% to satisfy increased demand for the new products, the first batches quickly sold out to dispensaries throughout the island.

The feedback received so far from patients and dispensaries is overwhelmingly positive, Meistrell said.

The company continues to hire employees amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, significantly increasing its staff dedicated to manufacturing and cultivation. By the end of last month, the company’s employee roster was almost 30% higher than at the beginning of the year. Meistrell announced that hiring efforts will continue with an additional 4 new employees to be added to the roster in the next couple of weeks.

“The steps we have taken to continually improve Tropizen’s products, particularly the gummies, a favorite among Puerto Rico’s patient community, shows our team’s commitment to continued innovation in developing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products,” said Meistrell.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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