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MMM gets 4.5 stars from Centers for Medicare Services and Medicaid

MMM Healthcare’s two HMO contracts have managed to maintain their 4.5 star rating under the Centers for Medicare Services and Medicaid program in 2019, “establishing the standard for healthcare for Medicare beneficiaries, said company President Orlando González.

“We have maintained our 4.5 stars, which validates the consistency in the quality of service we provide to our people through the years,” González said.

“Historically, our performance and innovation have guided the industry, as patients not only benefit from quality service, but so does the economy and the resources available to improve access to them,” said Gánzalez.

Achieving a 4.5-star rating for the second time means that the plan receives a funding allocation which, in turn, results in advantages for members through additional services and benefits, the executive said.

The classification is based on measures evaluated by CMS during 2017.

“Our responsibility as leaders and pioneers in Advantage plans, is to deliver a clear and strong message that we cannot remain in a comfort zone. We must keep moving toward quality and it’s up to all of us — providers, plans and patients — each is responsible for the health and quality with which they offer services and access to the Medicare Advantage population,” said González.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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