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In-Brief Medicinal Cannabis

Knox Medical launches medicinal cannabis home delivery service

Knox Medical recently became Puerto Rico’s first company offering medicinal cannabis delivery service to certified patients in the San Juan metro area and surrounding towns.

Deliveries began recently, after Knox obtained the approval of the Puerto Rico Health Department. Through the launch, thousands of current and future patients could have access to Knox’s portfolio of THC, CBD and other cannabis-based products from home.

The delivery service area will be expanded to other communities in coming months, Knox officials said.

“This is a big problem for our patients, many of whom struggle with mobility,” said José Hidalgo, CEO of Knox. “Broadening access to consistent, safe and high-quality medical products is the core of our company’s mission. Deliveries will open new possibilities for Puerto Ricans who live with debilitating medical conditions, regardless of where they live.”

Since its opening in January 2018, Knox Medical has served thousands of patients from its medicinal cannabis clinic in San Juan.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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