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Featured January 2020 Earthquake

Mennonite Health System to help quake victims handle emotions, anxiety

Given the seismic events of recent days and the emotional impact this has generated in the population, the Mennonite Health System is sponsoring a health care route with an emphasis on handling emotions and anxiety.

“We’re an organization based on Christian faith, so it is essential for us to go out to communities and help our people to assimilate and manage the emotional impact that a situation like this brings,” said Ricardo Hernández, executive director of the Mennonite Health System.

“Residents of the southern part of the island are experiencing destabilizing circumstances and we want to give them the opportunity to sit down with a professional who can provide tools to cope with their concerns and manage their emotions properly, which is key to their well-being,” he said.

“We’re also offering anxiety management workshops to our employees, because as an organization that provides health services, it’s necessary for our people to be calm,” Hernández added.

Mennonite Health System stressed the importance of the private sector to continue taking an active role to contribute to the stabilization and recovery of the affected communities. These well-coordinated efforts to enroll the participation of a greater number of people will achieve a multiplier effect.

The healthcare provider will announce its weekly routes on its Facebook page (@SistemaDeSaludMenonita). It has already covered the towns of Ponce, Yauco, Sabana Grande, Guánica, Guayanilla and Peñuelas.

As part of the effort, there is a broad range of health professionals involved, such as psychiatrists (children and adults), psychologists, social workers, nurses, counselors, family physicians, general practitioners, emergency staff, pulmonologists, pediatricians and chaplains for spiritual help.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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