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Molina offers production economy as a financial solution for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s “Conciencia Movement” independent gubernatorial candidate Eliezer Molina believes the production economy can be a strategy of economic development for Puerto Rico, according to several interviews he has granted in the media.

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“We will propel economic development in all sectors of Puerto Rico using manufacturing as part of the industry’s growth,” Molina said in an interview with Noticentro.

“We will transform consumerism into a production economy,” he added.

As reported by Primera Hora, his campaign proposal consists of creating adequate working conditions by developing free access to healthcare and relieving economic burdens on citizens. Moreover, he plans to increase the minimum wage by sector based on the Gross National Product.

“By promoting exports, companies would increase their profits and there could be a chance for salary increase due to a robust economy,” he said.

The workers that will benefit from a salary increase would be in agriculture, teachers, and university professors, he said.

One of his economic proposals will be the reduction the work week, without affecting job compensation. His proposed schedule would be based on an eight-hour, four-day week.

“I’m tired of seeing how we’re being separated from raising our children, from spending time with our family,” said Molina.

Overall, Molina proposes to increase exports and reduce imports by creating and developing more Puerto Rican companies.

According to the candidate, one way of creating jobs is supporting small Puerto Rican and local businesses that can compete in the industry while generating jobs.

He insists human development is one of his priorities and “not financial capital development.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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