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National Airlines provides relief cargo airlift to PR

National operates flights delivering 2.7 million pounds of cargo to support ongoing efforts and restore basic necessities to local residents

National Airlines, an air carrier specializing in custom transportation needs for corporations and government entities, announced that its 747-400 freighter fleet has operated 13 flights transporting 2.7 million pounds of aid to Puerto Rico and delivered goods to areas most devastated by Hurricane María.

In addition, the company operated a flight that transported more than 200 stranded cruise ship passengers on its 757-200 on a relief flight from Miami to San Juan, it said.

Seven of the cargo relief flights — six originating in Dallas, Texas, and one in Atlanta, Georgia — carried more than 1.5 million pounds of food and supplies to Aguadilla, which was ravaged by Hurricane Maria’s Category 5 storm surge that buried much of the commonwealth.

San Juan has received the bulk of aid supplies from private and governmental organizations, secondary cities like Aguadilla remain in states of emergency and are in desperate need of supplies, the airline said.

“National Airlines has tirelessly supported Americans at home and abroad for nearly 20 years,” said CEO Christopher Alf.

“In the case of Puerto Rico, National was able to mobilize quickly and efficiently to deliver massive amounts of necessary supplies to the island, and hopefully in the process, save lives,” he said.

Originating in Miami, National delivered to San Juan trucks and other equipment necessary to restore power and phone access to the island, where many citizens remain unable to access mobile or land-line telephone service.

National’s relief efforts to support Puerto Rico remain ongoing.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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