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National University College launches revamped National School of Culinary Arts

National University College unveiled the new offering of its National School of Culinary Arts, through which it will run a culinary arts programs in its 13 extension centers, President Gloria E. Baquero announced.

The curriculum will be “comprehensive and tempered” to the demands of the labor market.

“Students need access to new information, trends and knowledge from recognized leaders experienced in the gastronomic field. This will undoubtedly strengthen the learning process of those who choose to study in our culinary arts programs” Baquero said.

The revamping of the new National School of Culinary Arts was done by a committee of Puerto Rican chefs and restaurateurs, which will provide guidance, mentoring and training to the faculty and students.

This committee will also offer the general community free workshops for cooking enthusiasts starting in September, which will include recipes, dishes and cooking techniques.

Culinary Arts School students will participate in field trips to restaurants and farms where local products are grown, so they can get hands-on knowledge of the food preparation process from the field to the table.

The National School of Culinary Arts provides its graduates access to diverse work experiences, through the NUC IBC Institute’s alliances with hotels, park and restaurant chains in Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland. 

To date, the NUC Culinary Arts program has graduated more than 30,000 professionals with degrees equivalent to a diploma and associate degrees.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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