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GUIA offers FTZ seminar with local and int’l expert

Aerial shot of FTZ #7, managed by Pridco.

Aerial shot of FTZ #7, managed by Pridco.

The United Automobile Importers Group (known as GUIA by its Spanish acronym), an organization that represents automotive industry in Puerto Rico, will celebrate on May 20 the “Foreign Trade Zone Puerto Rico Seminar 2015” at the Sheraton Hotel and Casino.

The seminar, which will discuss subjects related to all industries that take benefit or could benefit from operating a zone, will run from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., it is the only event in Puerto Rico that is dedicated exclusively to Free Trade Zones and that is endorsed by the National Association of Free Trade Zones (NAFTZ).

Those interested in attending can reserve their space here.

Elizabeth Conell, vice president product manager of Integration Point, will be key speaker of the seminar. The businesswoman is known for her experience operating, managing, and training Foreign Exchange Zones for many Fortune 500 companies. In the same vein, Conell is also notable for her knowledge on the development and implementation of products for the Zones.

The event, will also feature lawyer Myra Díaz, director of the real estate division of Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company; Juan A. Gallardo, supply chain security specialist customs-trade partnership against terrorism of Department of Homeland Security; and Isabel Romero, Administrator of Zone 7.

These local and international speakers will share inside information on topics related to the economy, benefits of Free Trade Zones, details pertaining to regulations and compliance, among others.

The event also aims to offer participant the chance to network with more than 120 entrepreneurs and leaders related to concessionaires, brokerage and operating. The seminar also provides the opportunity to obtain continuing education credits through organizations such as Continuing Professional Education and Accredited Zone Specialist.

GUIA is an independent, nonprofit organization, created in 2006 to address issues that are directly related to the automotive industry, and the general economy of Puerto Rico. GUIA members represent more than 96 percent of new-vehicle sales in Puerto Rico.

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Author Details
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