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Olha Impact Hub business accelerator opens at Interamerican University

Nonprofit organization Ortiz Lord Hope & Associates announced the creation of the Olha Impact Hub,a business development center at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico’s Metro Campus.

Olha Impact Hub will focus on the development of agro-economic projects, ornamental horticulture, the blue economy and seafood, commercial and recreational fishing, all within a framework of resource protection and sustainability, said Olha President María de los Ángeles Ortiz-Reyes, adding that the incubator will not be limited to those sectors.

“We’re very excited about this great achievement that we know will bear extraordinary results for Puerto Rico. At the Olha Impact Hub we will work to support students from Inter American University and any person, entity or business that wishes to start, incubate or accelerate their business, particularly if they were affected by any of the catastrophic events that occurred in Puerto Rico,” said Ortiz-Reyes, a professional planning, investigation and organization of conduct.

“This union is very significant as it demonstrates the power of collaboration between the university and our initiative,” she added.

Olha and the college, through its “InterEmprende” program, formalized an alliance for the hub’s business development center. Far from competing, Olha and the Metro campus, and their respective work teams, will collaborate so that start-ups and entrepreneurs who have already formulated their business ideas at the university can develop their initiatives, whether through the incubation stage or the acceleration stage, she said.

“We’re very grateful for the opportunities that this alliance will offer our students interested in starting a business. Through this collaboration, our students will be able to receive other aid that is complemented by the ones that our institution has already been nurturing for decades, educating, and promoting entrepreneurship in each one of them,” said Rafael Ramírez-Rivera, the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico’s interim president.

“The Olha Impact Hub Project extraordinarily supplements the initiatives developed for 15 years by our institution through innovation and entrepreneurship projects developed by students and faculty,” said the rector of Inter Metro, Marilina Lucca-Wayland.

The Olha Impact Hub will provide advice to request financial aid (seed capital) and other incubation and acceleration processes. The business development center has two rooms. The first is a training and meeting center, where in addition to workshops, mentoring and events for the exchange of knowledge, the participating people will be able to build their own support network. The second was designed as a work center with offices.

“We hope that the alliance between the Olha Impact Hub, and the InterEmprende Metro Entrepreneurs Center, will be another source of support and collaboration to promote entrepreneurship and foster an entrepreneurial culture among young people who want to start a business on the island,” InterEmprende Metro Director Alex Rodríguez-Ginorio.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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