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Op-Ed: Expect the unexpected


At AIG we are focused on being prepared and handle our clients’ financial consequences resulting from unexpected events, and the need for damages analysis and claims analysis is essential. The insurance industry will continue to invest in technology and resources to enhance and improve the way that operates and serves its customers.

In our role handling claims, insureds expectation for speed, efficiency and control is required on the day-to-day, therefore, addressing the need to modify the claims process is key to stay relevant and current.

Operational excellence
Right Person, Right Claim. When a client submits a claim, small or large, it is important that it is handled by someone who has the expertise and confidence to settle the claim as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through our claims operating model, we make sure the right claim is allocated to the right adjuster with the appropriate expertise to respond swiftly, efficiently, and effectively to every claim as follows:

  • A Team that handles straightforward claims, focusing on technical expertise and fast settlement.
  • Teams that handle larger claims (complex and major losses) that require a more in-depth level of review and investigation. 

Author Aníbal Ortiz is country manager and regional CAT Coordinator of Claims, LAC, at AIG Insurance Company, Puerto Rico.

Our team is comprised of our most experienced and technically skilled adjusters. Through this strategy, we infuse efficiency and expertise into the claims handling process. By assigning the right person to the claim from day one, we ensure the optimal outcome so that our adjusters can devote the time needed for cases, even when a catastrophe causes thousands of claims. The technical expertise and in-depth knowledge enable us to understand the different loss exposures of different industries and provide guidance to our clients. With the combined knowledge from diverse sectors, we have the specialized expertise to respond to our clients’ claims with confidence.

Clear and open communications
At AIG, we believe that providing best-in-class customer service, especially in the event of a loss, is one of the ways we can be our client’s most valued insurer. We act in partnership with our clients every step of the way to clearly address any issues that may arise. By keeping open lines of communication, we make sure we have a full understanding of our clients’ needs to help them maintain business continuity.

By sharing what we have learned through years of experience across the globe, we can help our clients emerge from a loss stronger and more resilient than before.

Solutions from a global leader
AIG is a worldwide market leader and global property casualty insurer; our claims team has extensive Commercial claims experience derived from managing the large and complex property claims. Our clients are backed up by the expertise and resources from AIG’s teams, who are ready to respond to all claims quickly and resolve it expeditiously.

Author Details
Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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